Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Lili is progressing very well. She had breastmilk continously overnight through the g-tube, and started eating her thickened breastmilk by mouth this morning. She hesitated for a few minutes, then chugged a whole bottle at 9 am. Now she's almost done a second bottle. She's burping and...um...all waste removal mechanisms are working well. There is always worry with this surgery that the wrap will be too tight and burping and vomiting becomes impossible, so we are thrilled that she is burping. We haven't noticed any reflux either. Wow. She is smiling a lot and playing and cooing, and just wants to be held, and we're going to disconnect all the tubes and monitors later today and take her too see the fishies down the hall. The doctors and nurses are all thrilled with her progress, and we'll probably go home tomorrow. Woo-hoo!


Uncle "Bird" said...

We're so happy to hear Liliena is doing well. You guys must be so ready to get home and get things back to normal again. Let us know when you're ready for us to come visit again!

Pam and Noah said...

Hi Lilli...Noah and I are very glad to hear you're doing so well...bet you cant wait to get home!!! Keep up the good work and you'l be in your bed in no time...lots of love - Pam and Noah and Lee

Grandma Marian said...

Good news, Lili! I had a wee visit with you about 4 hours after this blog entry. You're a very good typist for your age!

I hope that about now you are getting home! or at some convenient time today. and I hope all went well last night and this morning. Tell your Daddy and Mommy not to slip on any slick spots in those roads. The cats told me yesterday that they couldn't wait til you got home. They said, Meow! Meoow! (Well, you know which one actually did; the other was very prim about it all.)

Be well, Lili! - Lots of love from Grandma Marian

Alice said...

Worrying about Lili.

Grandma Marian said...

Dear Alice,

I talked with Lili's parents today, and she is doing GREAT at home. She did indeed go home Wednesday, and a visiting nurse came and showed them about post-surgery care stuff.

They're sleeping less than average, 'cuz Lili has to eat more often now that her tummy is a little smaller, so Lili's been too busy sleeping and eating to update her blog, but all is very well as of Friday afternoon! Her daddy was kind of apologetic that he hadn't helped her update it :<)

I'm so grateful to all those that have been rooting for Lili in their thoughts and prayers! She is full of vitality and healing really well!

be well, all, and especially Lili! - Love, Grandma Marian

Alice said...
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Alice said...

Thank you, Grandma Marian, for the good news about Lili. I bet she is happy to be home. I check on her often. (I had to delete and redo this comment, I had a misspelled word!)Be happy, Lili. Love, Alice