Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tunnel vision

Lost in the corn maze, we were. But we kept finding tunnels so it was aaaaall good.

To me, a land surveyor, a 24" CPP (corrugated plastic pipe). To Lili, a TUNNEL!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

E! A! G! Lili! E! Sssssss..

Lili and I like to hang out on fall Sundays and watch the Eagles whenever we can. Well, I was wearing my Eagles t-shirt yesterday and she started calling out the big letters - we teach her letter sounds and names, and the letter L is an especially tough one, so I usually say, L, like Lili. So, the Eagles chant is now, and forever will be,
E! A! G! Lili! E! Sssss! Eagles!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fired up

We had the second meeting of the Centre County Down Syndrome Society today. I am blown away with the enthusiasm and ideas that are starting to come together from our little group. There are quite a few families in the area; we are just reaching the critical mass that is needed to organize events like a buddy walk or advocacy campaign. It is inspiring to be around such a great group of people, and we're already making a difference.
We were told a story of a recent visit to Pizza Hut. Our friend was gathering the kids in the car when her sister came out with a look on her face...apparently the 'manager' of the restaurant was getting a series of phone calls from the same person during the lunch rush. After telling the caller again that they couldn't call during the busy lunchtime, she hung up and said something like 'what, do they have down syndrome?' Appalled, her sister told the 'manager' how inappropriate her comment was.
After our meeting, our friend made a call to the National Headquarters of Pizza Hut and passed along her experience. The regional manager called her back only hours later and told her to apologize to our entire organization, and that there are employees of that very restaurant with Down Syndrome. Apparently there had been issues with this 'manager' in the past, and this conduct was inexcusable, so she was
How's that for instant karma?