Thursday, May 22, 2008

me me meme

I think this is my first time being tagged with a meme - tekeal at Livia the Great got me, I'm it - ooh blogging fun!

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Just beginning my land surveying career in Seattle, making 8 bucks an hour to walk around the woods and people's backyards looking for property corners and such.

5 things on my "to-do" list today: (actually yesterday, I had to go to bed before I finished)

1. Take out the BULK trash - we love bulk trash day here. Buh-bye, nineteen-seventy-something stove!
2. Meet with PA State Senator Jake Corman and let him know the concerns of the Centre County Down Syndrome Society.
3. Meet with the Mid-State Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors, and take notes - I somehow got myself into being the new secretary. Time to bone up on Robert's Rules of Order...
4. Stop by work and check on a few things - wait, I took the week off, what the heck am I thinking?!?
5. Enjoy Lili being pretty much back to her normal self two days after having her tonsils & adenoids out - woo hoo!

Bad habits:

Staying up way too late lurking on blogs - procrastinating - not doing something because I don't think it will come out perfectly - procrastinating - did i mention putting stuff off? - being defensive - per. fec. tion. ism. wait a sec, tekeal, did you write my bad habits instead of yours?

5 places I've lived:

Ambler, PA - grew up
Lewisburg, PA - went to college for a while
Seattle, WA - found myself, fell in love
Philadelphia, PA - got my responsibility on
Pine Grove Mills, PA - here I am!

5 jobs that I've had:

That guy that you buy popcorn from at the movie theater - "Theater Attendant"
That guy that stuffs your butt into the ski lift chair - "Lift Operator"
That guy standing out in the middle of the street with the funny looking pole - "Survey Technician"
That guy standing by the side of the road looking through a funny looking 'camera' (no, it's not a camera, and no, I can't take your picture) - "Associate Surveyor"
That guy pestering anyone he can to make sure his daughter has every opportunity to succeed in life - "Dad"

4 people I want to know more about:

Tara Marie at Emma Sage
Emily at Hamula Family
Emily Elizabeth at Lovely and Amazing
Amy at Life According to Emma & Joe

Friday, May 16, 2008

T&A - no, not that kind!

Well, Lili goes in for her 'minor' surgery on Monday. She'll have her tonsils and adenoids removed and her ears cleaned out for good measure. Heck, he's an ear, nose and throat doctor; why not put in a nose ring while he's at it?
So here's a parting shot of a tonsil or two, along with a good shot of the cheesiest of cheesy smiles.

She's been incredibly healthy for the last year or so (knock on wood) so I'm kinda sad to see them go, on that front. That sadness is fully tempered by the thought of her trying to catch her breath at night. We have heard her stop breathing in her sleep for a few seconds, then catch herself. No fun. So hopefully, bye bye sleep apnea along with the lumps of tissue. Hello, popsicles and sorbet!
Keep Lili in your thoughts and prayers if you would...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Our group has spoken with almost all of our local legislators, but it's even better to have a true advocate on the inside...

Happy Mother's Day to Lili's mom, Lili's Grandma, Lili's Grammie, Lili's Great-Grandma, Lili's Aunts and Great-Aunts, Mrs. McMorris Rodgers, and all you moms out there!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Football and cheesecake

Our little football star...

...practicing hiking the ball

and our little climber...

...letting her toy piece of cheesecake have all the fun.