Friday, July 29, 2005

Her first weeks

Lili took a strong interest in hip-hop around two weeks old. (Not really) Here she practices some poses she saw on MTV. This picture was taken not too long after her first real bath, since her umbilical cord stump fell off the day before.

Lili met her Aunt Kathy in Philadelphia and took a trip to Williamsport to meet her Uncle Stuart and Aunt Melanie the weekend of her two week birthday. The camera timer worked, and got a nice picture of Lili, her mom and dad, Grandma Marian and Aunt Kathy and the cover of 'Be Prepared', the only reason daddy has half a clue how to be a daddy. (The other half he copies off Lili's mom)

Where's my food?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lilienna's first days

We'll start with a few photos from Lili's first few hours. She was presenting face first (she wanted to see what all the fuss was about) so Sara had a C-Section. Lili got a little bruised from the labor, but that went down quickly.

She had a little jaundice after a day or so, earning her a trip to the fine tanning salon in the nursery for about twenty-four hours. Her bilirubin levels were better, but they wanted to keep her wrapped in the Wallabee blanket to make sure her levels stayed low.

Here she is at five days old, home and being all cute for the camera. Please note the large butt, actually her cloth diapers. More to come soon!