Monday, July 07, 2008

On being 3

Lili is embracing her threeness. She is such a big girl now, but I still catch myself with a bit of the babyish voice on when I talk to her.

She's making huge strides on the potty (!) Daddy wasn't quite prepared for that whole thing but Lili is blowing me away. She is so ready - most of the accidents she has are on purpose to watch the little pee-fall, and splash in the pee-puddle. We're hoping training pants put out that fire. We were driving back from our weekend cabin retreat, and stopped at a store in downtown Frederick, Maryland so Sara could run in and buy some organic hair mud (yeah, it works). Lili was drawing on her magnety drawing board thing, looked up and said, 'Potty! Yeah!' So I started getting out to grab her, realized I was parked illegally (why we were still in the car in the first place), and pulled out to try to park legally and run in somewhere to find a bathroom. We made it around the block, and out came mommy; so we headed down the street, still searching... After a good ten or fifteen minutes had passed since her potty proclamation, we came across a BK, and the ladies ran in, and lo and behold, dry pants and potty success. Oh yeah.

She also had a little conversation with a nice woman in one of the visitors centers we were checking out - Something like, 'Hi!!!' - "Hi!" - 'What'ya doin'?' - "What are you doing?" etc. Very cute.

Watching her play with her cousin Henry is awesome. They have so much fun together. Their favorite this weekend was for Henry to pretend to push Lili over and she would emphatically fall down. She's been cracking herself up falling over in dramatic fashion recently, so having a costar made her day.

Oh, and we forgot the camera on our little trip. Sorry...