Monday, April 10, 2006

Two of every animal

A few shots from Noah's visit with Lili.

How big is Lili? Sooo big!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jumpin' & drummin'

Lili loves her jumper, and her doctor says it's a good workout for her legs. Everybody wins!

She's had a great few weeks. She recently decided that baby food isn't cool enough for her anymore. She insists on eating small bits of big people food. Her current favorites are gluten-free applesauce pancakes (one of daddy's favorites too), mango, kiwi fruit, avacado, sweet potato and cooked apples. Her bottom left front tooth is oh so close to popping through; we'll take teething over any of the other issues she's had recently.

Lili's taking after daddy with her interest in percussion. She'll whack anything with her drumsticks...anything.

The whole family (minus the kitties and doggie) is taking a Baby Signs class. Lili already had 'milk' and 'all done' down; the class is really more for daddy's sake.