Sunday, August 28, 2005

10 weeks already?

Yup, Lili's over ten weeks old, and last doctor's visit (to get some shots - shniff) she was ten pounds, twelve ounces and 22-1/2 inches tall. For those of you who like stats, that's just about fiftieth percentile for all babies. They make charts for down syndrome, and it looks like she's about 90th plus percentile on those. You go, girl!

She's doing so well. She is the sweetest baby on earth (we have no bias whatsoever and do not engage in hyperbole). She smiles and coos and squeaks and grunts. She is very responsive, and will copy mommy's happy face or surprised playful gasp. Her acid reflux, which was a battle earlier, is getting under control with a few medicines (Zantac and Prevacid, both in sweet baby-friendly forms) and thickened breast milk (using Simply Thick, a xanthan gum-based thickener that we order from St. Louis). Xanthan gum is a great ingredient for gluten-free baking; I never thought we would use it to make honey-consistency breast milk...

No pics this time, just wanted to give y'all an update on stuff. The home inspection went pretty well; he gave us a few things to follow up on in the next few days, boiler, chimney...but no huge problems.

Lili has the best extended family and friends in the world. She wanted to thank you all (if you're reading this, that means you) for everything you've done for her.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lili's new house?

Lili (and family) have had their offer accepted on a house near State College, PA! It was the first house they looked at on a real estate tour last week, and it's a perfect fit. It's located in the historic district of a little town just outside of State College. There's a backyard with a playhouse and swingset, lots of room for visitors (so come visit!), lots of trees, cool hardwood floors, etc...
Closing is September 30, so wish us luck!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Tummy Time!

Lili's favorite things include: tummy time, spending time with friends, jumping in puddles and long walks on the beach. Here she enjoys the first two, except Giraffee seems to have fallen asleep trying to get Lili's attention. Speaking of tummy time, she rolled over on the floor today (proving her love for the prone position) for the fourth time. Her first rollover was at five weeks(!). No, mommy and daddy didn't help. And no, our floor isn't horribly tilted.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lili's cuz

Here's an 'old' picture of Lili and her cousin Henry. Hopefully this will keep the fan club satiated until Mommy and Daddy get enough sleep to help her post some new pictures. She'll also tell her life story in a soon to come post - 'Memoirs of an 8 week old'. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back to the past

We can all tell from this photo that Lili adores her mommy, and vice versa.

Lili is already becoming active in her community, joining a little group known as the Black Panthers soon after turning three weeks old. Her specialties include feeding the poor and burning stuff. Fight the power!

We want to thank everyone who has checked out our little site so far and we promise much more to come. Comments or questions are welcome as otherwise I won't know what to post, except silly jokes and cute pictures.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Some more recent pictures

Since people are actually checking out this blog, I thought some more current pictures are in order while we catch up on the last few weeks. She wanted to show off how cute she is, but I also had to reveal her newest pastime: drinking and watching 'The Simpsons". Terrible.