Thursday, June 19, 2008


Lili had a few friends over a while back to celebrate her big 3.0. We had the party a bit early, partly so cousin Henry could be there. We just planned it so Henry's mommy would be there taking pictures - hehehe...

P.S. Lili's doing great; her former g-tube site is now stitch-free and healing nicely...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

I wish I could retrieve an image from my brain, download it onto a card and print it out like some of the images I get to share with you all. Try to picture in your mind's eye, then:
Daddy standing at the sink, doing what we 21st century daddies do sometimes. Then out of the bottom right corner of my eye, something waving around; I turn to see Lili with a big open mouthed grin, standing arms outstretched with a card, saying, "Surprise!" Needless to say, made my day.

And now the month in review from our rarely downloaded camera:

Puddles! Scroll down for some puddle splashin' action...

At least they have toys in this stupid hospital.

Away with the camera! I'm baking!

Fun in the rain,

And, as promised...

Happy Father's Day, fellow dads!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Another !@#$%^&* surgery?!?

Lili goes in tomorrow am for surgery to close her stoma (the site of her g-tube). She yanked the Mic-key button out on Thursday, and after conferring with the doctor we decided to leave it out and let the stoma close on its own. Not gonna happen. She saw the surgeon who put the tube in today and he doesn't think it will ever close properly. Since the stomach acid is frying her poor skin, she's going in for surgery tomorrow - I'm amazed he could schedule it so quickly. She should be there overnight but hopefully everyone will be home on Wednesday. That tube has been a lifesaver, but we barely use it anymore, so...buh-bye.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Buddy Walk!!!


Our first try turned out pretty well, methinks...


Playing all cute for Sue Paterno

Lili and her medal

Sue (JoePa's wife) kicks off the walk

Lili and mommy cheer for the band

Cheers from the crowd and the Little Lion

Group shot of everyone who was nearby that moment...


Lili rollin' with Grammy and Pappy

Daddy sportin' some extra water for the thirsty ones out there

The forecast was a bit scary, but the weather held out nicely

The volunteers were awesome and everything went as smoothly as we could have imagined, thanks to all the sponsors, walkers, donors, volunteers, guests, bands, etc. etc. and Mike J, who headed up the Buddy Walk committee. Looking forward to next year!