Saturday, January 21, 2006


Well, here we sit in Danville. For those from the area, you know that means we're a little crazy. Anyhoo, Lili is resting and recovering from her surgery. She had a 360 degree (Nissen) fundoplication, which means they took the top part of her stomach and wrapped and sutured it to her esophagus. She also had a G-tube inserted to help us feed her, if needed, and help vent her stomach as she may otherwise have been pretty bloated for a while. The surgery went very well. She is pretty fussy when she's awake, but sleeping very calmly most of the time. I'd be fussy too. She has five tubes in her right now (G-tube, N-G tube, epidural, bladder catheter and I-V); hopefully that will go down by quite a few over the next few days. Not to mention the pulse oximeter and respiratory probes stuck to her. (Google any of those you haven't heard of). The folks here at Geisinger have been very attentive and are doing a great job helping Lili (and her folks) get comfortable.
Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers; they're working! From the site counter, it looks like Lili's a star right now. We love her, and if you're reading this, I bet you do too.

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Grandma Marian said...

Hi Lili! I'm at your house, and your daddy posted this a whole half-hour ago; I was thinking of calling to see if there's anything I should bring from your house when I stop by to blow you a hug and a kiss from a suitable distance later this afternoon! Hey gang, is there something I should bring?

I folded some of your cute little clothes, and now I can't wait to see you in them. Your Mommy and Daddy somehow didn't have time to fold them all as you all took off for your date with the surgeons. I'm so glad you are being very well cared for! and I'm SO VERY glad that your Mommy and Daddy are allowed to stay in your room with you. Civilization has reached your hospital!!!!! Be very well, my beloved granddaughter! - Love, Grandma Marian