Monday, July 23, 2007

Talking scribble on the remote-phone

This just cracks me up.

- insert deep conversation here -


Kim Ayres said...


I remember Meg was given an old mobile phone by one of her elder siblings. It didn't work but the way she would chat, and pause as though she was listening to the other person before chatting again made us lift the phone from her more than once just to double check there really was no signal or battery.

What these things illustrate so well is that so much of our children's behaviour is copied from us. They are incredibly observant - DS or no DS.

Turning to a serious point for a moment, it was this realisation of copied behaviour which was one of the key reasons we pushed for Meg to go through main stream schooling rather than attending a special school. We didn't want her to copy children with learning difficulties because she would be surrounded by them.

Kacey Bode said...

I just came across your site while looking at just a little bit of something extra. Lili is BEAUTIFUL!!! I haven't looked over the whole thing, I'm visiting my parents and their computer is so slow, but I saw the picture of Lili as a tiny baby looking up at her mom, and it brought tears to my eyes, so precious!!! I will definetly have to show this site to my hubby!

Grandma Marian said...

Hi Lili! I wonder whether you were talking to me? I haven't seen you for ages, and I've got withdrawal symptoms. What good medicine to see this hilarious video - hilarious because it's so accurate an imitation of what we big people do!!!!!

be well - lots of love from Grandma Marian xxxooo xxxooo xxxooo

Amy said...

How cute! Joe loves the phone--he has a number of them around the house and if he can't find one he sometimes picks up a banana (I am not kidding) and talks on it. Over the past year he has used an imaginary phone with the palm of his hand and talks on it when he wants to check out of a situation--or when he is imitating people. He always replaces it in his imaginary holder on his hip. We have become so used to this behavior that last month when he was helping me push a luggage cart through the airport he had his imaginary phone in the crook of his neck (with is head tilted and shoulder up) and was talking while pushing. I was so exasperated that I said, "Joseph, would you please hang up your imaginary phone!" He said "okay, mama," and made a beep sound while he poked at his palm and returned the phone to his imaginary hip holder. I looked around and this group of 7-8 people cracked up and all picked up imaginary phones and started talking.

rebecca said...

Oh I love it!!!! What a wonderful conversation.