Monday, September 24, 2007

Close call

I just barged into Lili's room, armed with the dreaded late-night cup (that we so thought we were all done with), marched two-thirds of the way across the room until I could finally see the chair against the wall, and did not see what I expected to see. You see, usually in this situation, Sara would be sitting with Lili as I prepared the demanded cup and brought it upstairs. I would then tiptoe into the room and Lili would decide which one of us was to join her for the midnight snack (lately I've been getting the call more and more, to my whispered 'I win!').
But the chair was empty. So I whirled around, and there was Lili in her crib, sleeping peacefully. Bad dream she had, I guess. I tried so hard not to start cracking up right then, and snuck out as sneakily as I could sneak. I had a glass of water for Sara, too, so I brought it into the bedroom and had a quiet laugh.

On another note, we went for a hike on Saturday to pre-celebrate Sara's birthday, only to be turned back by the signs that be.

So we said, 'Fine! We'll find another lake to walk around!'
And we did.


Grandma Marian said...

Definitely the way to travel!!!!! Is there a BigFoot out there who could get me up Katahdin and Lafayette this way??

Yay, Lili! Happy Birthday, Mom!!! lots of love to all of you - be well, love, Grandma Marian xxxooo xxxooo xxxooo

Tom said...

My two-year-old daughter has learned that if she keeps asking for "Milk!" or "Apple Juice!" or "Water!" that she can prolong the going to sleep process by a few precious minutes. I'm not looking forward to the midnight snacks phase.

Jeff said...

Now I hope you were not hiking during the game?


Archie said...

G.M. - I've heard that sasquatch rides up the Cascades are plentiful; maybe a family reunion in the Pacific Northwest is in order.

Tom - Lili has also learned that an attempt at using the potty will buy her five minutes before bed...

Jeff - the angle of the sun reflecting off the leaves doesn't lie - I was. The things we do for love. I caught the fourth quarter, although I might as well have missed it.

Kim Ayres said...

Meg's not too bad - it's my 12 year old son who really should know better who stretches his bedtime past breaking point.

One of his favourite tactics is to ask me something where I'm likely to launch into a 15 minute explanation before realising he's late again.

Last night I was trying to explain "Propoganda" to him.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Cool! Hiking! Looked like fun. I like that carrier. Your wife looked comfortable carrying her in that.

Amy said...

looks like a fun day.