Sunday, August 20, 2006

Been a while

Lili loves to jump high in the air (with a little help from daddy) and daddy likes a little workout now and then to keep the flab at bay. Everybody wins again!
Sometimes she jumps really high, and then gravity stops working and she checks out the chandelier for a while. She thinks that's hilarious.

Lili also loves her little backpack. She was checking out Gettysburg from the big people's perspective. Very cool.

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Grandma Marian said...

Lili, what a nice birthday present for Moni you have put on the web! Happy Birthday, Moni! And an anniversary present for Tom and Mary - Happy anniversary, Tom and Mary! (Moni is Martha and Steven's daughter, my god-daughter.) Be well, Lili! and tell your parents ditto, please! You're looking great! Love, Grandma Marian