Friday, July 14, 2006


Lili couldn't wait to see Curious George at Arts Fest. She didn't tell mommy he was going to be there and talked her into going somehow. I believe she said something like 'aba buhbabbah dada mo ap-puh!' that sealed the deal. And mommy thought she was asking daddy for more apples...Ha! Anyone can see the subliminal message to go to arts fest in there.

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Grandma Marian said...

Why, Lili, you're back on the blog so soon!!!!! What a treat. And I like all this talking! (Apples are good, too, as well as Curious George.) I just realized it isn't July 14 any more (it's 2 a.m. July 15, I had a big nap earlier), so I'll be late wishing your something-or-otherth cousin Shirley a happy birthday. Rats. Thanks for coming back on so fast! I went on the blog to check out your "home" link. Now I'll look that up.

Be very well!, you and all your family! - Love, Grandma Marian xxxooo xxxooo xxxooo