Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Bliss

First thing Christmas morning, taking in all of Santa's bounty. The stockings were hung by the corn stove with care.

Getting right to work trying out her new toys. Spiders + marbles + water spouts = good times... Note mommy in the foreground assembling many, many flowers. Yes, you read that right.

Playmobil, sweet Playmobil - Lili shook the first box she saw on Christmas morning and yelled, "Playmobil!!!" Here she checks out her new ice cream store, complete with about 4 trillion parts, including many, many unassembled flowers. Some assembly required.

Boxing Day at Grammy and Pappy's; showing off her new piano and tearing into round 3 or 4 of presents

Preparing for Christmas; baking cookies with mommy. The shutter kinda sorta opened for this one; I couldn't resist the intent stirring.

Roll it, pat it...

Mark it with a sprinkle.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lili -

Hope you Mommy and daddy had a GREAT Christmas!!!! looks like Santa was very good to you - after all you are a super super very good girl right???

Miss you - love - Noah and mommy

Alice said...

Happy New Year, Lili!!

akakarma said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong addy! Have a great New year!

Grandma Marian said...

Dear Lili, It was SUCH FUN to watch you opening your presents at 5:31 a.m. on Christmas Day. Honest! Although another 3 hours of sleep would have been quite fine. Even YOU were yawning :<). You are definitely the greatest! I'm excited to see those pictures of you doing all the steps for the cookies. Bravo!!!!! Yummy! And it was such fun to go to Aunt Vi's and Grammie's and Pappy's with you! I hope you have a wonderful 2009, sweetheart - be well - love, Grandma xxxooo xxxooo xxxooo