Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fun at the game...over a month ago...

We went to a State College Spikes (minor league baseball) game that the CCDSS held as a fundraiser - um, over a month ago (hehehe - yes, I am always slacking on the blog...). Lili had a good time, despite the rain - hey, makes for good rainbows, even double rainbows. More pics and random stories coming soon, restless fans, I promise ;)


Grandma Marian said...

Hi Lili! So THIS is what Daddy was doing while you and I were napping this afternoon? Yay, Daddy!

I'm having such fun visiting at your house - sleep well, gorgeous girl, after your day of swings and sandbox and walking around the yard checking out Mommy and Daddy's flowers and veggies and grass, and climbing ladders, and climbing DOWN again nice and accurately - and being a complete Potty Expert! - oh, what a big girl you are!

be well all! - love, Grandma Marian xxxooo xxxooo xxxooo

Kim Ayres said...

Looks like you were sitting ont he wrong side of the stadium- just across the way the pot of gold was surely under a seat there