Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Portraits by Aunt Carrie

Swings are cool!

Slides are cool!

I also like eating my hand.

And standing up is tres cool...

Yay! Henry delivery!

Uncle Archie, you're silly.

Please turn off the sun...where are my glasses anyway?

Yes, I am the cutest little girl ever. You already knew that.


Grandma Marian said...

Hi Lili!!!!! I'm so glad Aunt Kathy told me you had posted some new pix (with help from Daddy)! I looked earlier today and it was still snowy.
These are gorgeous pictures! Do I recognize your Easter dress? I'm so glad you've been having chances to wear it! I is LOVELY on you!
Be very well, Lili! And tell Mommy and Daddy to be very well, too, please! - lots of love from Grandma Marian

Grandma Marian said...

p.s. from Grandma Marian - how nice of Daddy to post your new blog entry on some birthdays: April 25 this year is your Step-Great-Grandma Mabel (Bliz)'s 107th birthday; and it is your Great-Grandma Jo's 100th-and-a-half birthday (she was born October 25, 1906). I'm sure they have web access in Heaven - hey, they are your guardian angels ALL the time - and I'm sure they're enjoying you on their birthday and half-birthday!
be well again - love, Grandma Marian