Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Birthday girl

Lili likes birthdays. Well, she's only had one, but she really likes getting presents and being the center of attention. Oh wait, that happens all the time. Never mind. But she really likes wearing Pooh ears.

She loves her exercises too. Daddy wishes he could have so much fun doing situps.

The finalists in the world raspberry championship duke it out in the final round. Unfortunately for all you left coasters, Aunt Kathy took home the runner-up prize to our Grand Champion of the World.

Lilienna thinks it's very nice to share, until she wants her drumstick back, thank you very much. Gracie looks more interested in the toob thingy anyway...

Finally, Lili enjoys her new lounger. She can now sit and rock away the minutes while mommy and daddy make her a bottle. Ah, the good life...

Thanks to Grandma for almost all of the above photos!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Lilienna!!

I just want you to know that your Dad's cousin Holly is an avid Lili-blog reader. Thanks for keeping us 'far and wides' supplied with pictures and stories.


Grandma Marian said...

Hi Lili! I am VERY honored to have my pictures appear on your blog. The rocking chair one is an inspiration: even when you are in a rocking chair, your beautiful face shows that you are alert, working out something, studying something, learning something, perhaps admiring your toes? Always growing and noticing! You inspire me to try to do that too whenever "adult laziness" creeps in. Thanks!!!! And thank you for the two lovely parties you invited me to recently; your birthday party and the one the next week as well! What fun we had!
Be well! you and your family - Lots of love from Grandma Marian