Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fairfax County nonresidents

Lili, Mommy and Daddy went to Burke Lake Park in northern Virginia over the weekend during their visit with cousin Henry, Aunt Carrie and Uncle Jon. We got snagged at the gate as nonresidents of Fairfax County and hit up for eight bucks. I think the missing hubcap gave us away. It was a very nice park...

Lili was in heaven - trees and kids everywhere. She was hanging out in her carrier soaking it all in.
Daddy's been accused of slacking recently on the blog - many apologies. I had a great excuse all written down, but Jasper ate it.

This is being posted from Aunt Carrie's beautiful new Power Mac G5. Droool... These photos are copyright 2006 Carrie Milton Photography, all rights reserved. I just made all that up, except her business, it's real. Shameless plug. (And she didn't get a chance to edit the pictures, either, I just grabbed them straight off her camera. Coulda made us into a painting or tin relief or something with photoshop, but I'm too lazy.)

-Bonus Easter shot -


Anonymous said...

Hello Hello -

I get so impatient waiting for pictures of my "wife"...mommy shows them to me as soon as she sees them and these are FABULOUS...thanks - love - Noah

Grandma Marian said...

Great photos, Carrie! You've got the knack! Of course, they're also great because the SUBJECTS are so great. Looking forward to next visit, and a growing Lili!

be very well, all - Love, Grandma Marian

Shannon said...

I miss you guys so much! Lillienna's a doll. She gets more beautiful everyday just like her mom. Call us you guys!! Glad to see everybody happy and healthy!