Monday, November 14, 2005

At Long Last

Here we go...a totally staged, two - weeks - after - Halloween picture. Oops. She's really cute though, so hopefully you'll forgive us. We'll throw in some more pictures, trying to make up for it.

Lili loves her daily massage. Daddy's jealous.

Cousin Henry's high chair was a little imposing for her, but she held her own just fine.

Lili smiles...


Grandma Marian said...

That's the cutest bee I EVER saw!!!!! What a honey. On Sunday night I enjoyed seeing Lili's massage - I was jealous too! How she loves it - isn't it great when what you're spozed to do feels that good?? . . . since I've heard that you've doubled your weight, Lili, I'm sure you'll fit into Cuz's high chair pretty soon (or even your own!).

And O what a laughing joyful smile!!!! I'm so blessed that I can see you in person pretty often!!!! Lots of love to my Most Favoritest Granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!! (that's OK, you're my onliest one; I'm not hurting anybody's feelings)
from Grandma Marian xxxooo xxxooo xxxooo

Renee said...

AWwww, She's a love-bug!!