Friday, October 21, 2005

The Move

Let's play Match the Caption with the Photo!

Can you spot the 1950's football star in this photo?

Grandpa 'Oscar' plays some 3D Tetris

Before the move, Daddy and Mommy's friend Renee threw a little surprise B-Day party for Mommy

Larry exults as 'Oscar' and Brendan show their excitement over filling an entire house with stuff

Lili enjoys some rice cereal in her first days in her new home - mmmmm...rice...

Cousin Henry drove all the way up for the big event

The Archibalds and the Miltons pose in the yard

Renee displays the furthest anyone would bring our stuff (just kidding)

Larry got a little kickback from Penske

Renee takes one last wistful look at the old place


Grandma Marian said...

Great update, Lili! You've been busy stashing photos since the Big Move, and now you're releasing them all at once. I think I took some of them on your parents' digital camera while THEY were working hard. Somebody's got to take photos, aw, I guess I'll volunteer.

It was beautiful to see that army of friends and relatives at work! You have a great extended family! It was also great to see you yesterday being so alert and conversational. Your letter "A" (as in after) is really coming along nicely.

Be well, my granddaughter!!!!! Love from Grandma Marian

Renee said...

Maybe next time you put a side view picture of me in you could photo shop my hiney to be a little bit littler!