Friday, September 02, 2005

Giraffe love

Lili has a thing for giraffes, I guess. Poor Giraffee was vying for Lili's attention but our heroine couldn't take her eyes off of G jr., who for some reason hangs out on the side of Lili's swing 24/7/365.

Lili's been battling reflux recently. Don't worry, her parents took much less than four days to come to her aid. We're hoping a new medicine (Erythromycin - we're looking for the intended side effect of increased GI muscle movement) takes care of it.

Updating Lili's favorite pastimes: Smiling at baby bee, licking stuff, being all cute, staring at Kalik's stripes, rolling over, etc...

Lili and family are praying for the safety of all the people stranded by Katrina and all those trying to help them.


aunt sue said...

to the beautiful one. i love you

Grandma Marian said...

Glad to have good news of you, Lili! I'm visiting Aunt Kathy; still no luck in finding cousin Putty, her 17-year-old cat. We're cheered up by your new picture and your good news! be well - Love, Grandma Marian xxxooo xxxooo xxxooo